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The library at BIT occupy over 1500 square meters and provide Users with Access to a vast repository of resources including Books and Periodicals. The peaceful sunlight provides ideal study space. Completely automated Library Management System makes Users possible to borrow Books at any time of the college hours. Multiple copies ensure that resources are easily available for reference in the Library. Trained Staff is always at hand to assist Students.  

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue) Allows users to search all materials (such as Books, Journals, Magazines, Digital material etc.) available in the library collection. Only Library Members can access Full text and Digital material by using their User ID and Password.

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        Information is a vital resource and is an essential input for enhanced productivity for any developmental work. Over the years there has been an exponential growth in information, besides which the development in the field of Information technology has resulted in the introduction of information services based on computers. A good & well-equipped Library & Information center is an essential entity of any organization. As ANON quotes - "Libraries are the power plants where ideas in printed language are kept ready for your use".


       To Provide continuous access to the Knowledge and Information in the Library to the students and faculty of the Institute for achieving excellence in their chosen Disciplines.


       Change the library from static resource center to a dynamic center of instruction, exploration and learning; to successfully meet the challenges of information explosion